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Lasagne is a rich and sinful dish, born in region of Emilia-Romagna, and made by stacking layers of lasagna sheets, ragu, béchamel sauce and cheese. But always, we start with the soffritto.


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Ever tried making a risotto where the main ingredient is just tomatoes? You got to get some really good and ripe ones, so shell out for those expensive tomatoes you see in the supermarkets cos they do make a difference when they’re the star of the dish!


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Located inside Hotel 1929, Restaurant Ember is well-known for its value-for-money business set lunches – in fact it’s probably the most well-known ‘secret’ now.

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For Restaurant Week last year, I visited Forlino at One Fullerton for lunch with fellow food bloggers CrunchyBottoms and yumyumformytumtum, as well as another friend Issie.


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Ciabatta, or literally “slipper bread”, is very simply an elongated and broad Italian bread. It has a chewy exterior crust and a soft, porous interior with lots of holes, great for making sandwiches.

Baking tends to require more exact measurements than cooking, so a weighing scale makes life much easier and accurate. And for a more traditional and complex flavour, it helps if you prepared a biga the night before to use.

What follows is a pictorial series on baking a ciabatta.

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Opened alongside Osteria Mozza at the end of 2010, Pizzeria Mozza is one of the two signature restaurants that the celebrity chef Mario Batali was courted by MBS to set up operations in the Shoppes.

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This dish came about as part of the #CookForFamily initiative started by Daniel from Daniel’s Food Diary. It’s quite a simple and healthy dish that can be shared by the whole family and made rather quickly too.

It is a pasta dish taken from Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, using orecchiette mixed with a broccoli and anchovy sauce.

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Ristorante Aso looks like it could have been plucked straight out of any Italian town  and placed in the trendy Daikanyama district. This Michelin 2 star restaurant is the flagship for chef Tatsuji Aso and it’s also said to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Tokyo.

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After making them from scratch, I decided this time to use some store-bought ones to compare with, so I got these from Rustichella.


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This is a pretty simple dish, just meatballs with pasta. I’m using a different type of pasta called the pappardelle, which is a much wider version of the fettuccine. They are typically used for dishes with a thick sauce, such as wild boar ragu.

This is also the first time I’m trying out fennel in the pasta sauce, as you can see below.

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