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Ned Teroo’s Beer Corner #1 – Pilsner Urquell

Posted on: August 2, 2009

I have decided it is time for my first beer posting since I need to increase the masculinity of this place after Semper and Smash had to gay it up.


Today, I will be drinking Pilsner Urquell, made in the Czech Republic, the original Pilsner (golden beer).  Pilsner Urquell is a lager, meaning it is fermented at cooler temperatures.  Lagers are typically light in color and mild in taste.   Pilsner Urquell is the inspiration of many American style lagers that people enjoy and love today, and it was what Budweiser and Miller have aspired to be.


First, I have chilled my Pilsner Urquell a bit per the manufacturer’s suggestions and poured it into a pint glass since I do not own a pilsner glass.


It has poured out with a light golden color, and an initial odor that smelt like a skunk and was replaced by an odor of hops and malt.  It had a light, creamy head that stuck around for my first sip and a nice string of bubbles coming up from the bottom of the glass.

After my first taste I was met with a bit of bitter hops and then was left with a doughy grain finish.

Overall, it was pretty light and easy to drink.  Not too bitter, but it definitely has more flavor than domestic beers.

Overall, I give Pilsner Urquell a B-


Na Zdravi!


2 Responses to "Ned Teroo’s Beer Corner #1 – Pilsner Urquell"

Hahaha that looks classy!

cool stuff, i look forward to seeing more beer articles sir

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