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The Brazilian Arrives

Posted on: August 8, 2009

Okay, here I am.

Before I begin posting whatever weird topic pops up in my head, I guess a brief introduction is in line. Yes, that means I am not just a name in a chat room. At least, I think so…

For the geographically impaired among you, this is where I live. Change it to satellite view and you’ll notice the Amazon is way, way up there, which means I’m not an option if you’re looking for an Ayahuasca dealer (or even cocaine or other more traditional South American drugs). Down here, the cops get mostly marijuana shippings going to Rio and São Paulo. This year’s record is 12,27 tons, if you’re wondering.

So, as there is no jungle nor drugs down here, what’s this part of the country good for? For you Americans looking for the good old tropical paradise, not much. Semper says there are some cool artsy places (that last one is right next to my place), but I don’t really care for that. But there is something here that you won’t find anywhere else in Brazil: cold. This is the coldest state capital in Brazil, and that’s not cold enough, if you ask me. Still, it’s better than Rio. Well, anywhere is better than Rio… Remind me to tell you about the Summer of 2006 sometime.

In the future I’ll talk more about Brazil and all the stuff you never wanted to know about it. Maybe, just maybe, I might mention the women, too. Not that you deserve it, but, you know, talking about women is good for your health.


5 Responses to "The Brazilian Arrives"

Is there Google Street View for your area :D?

I want to see the dragons

Don’t think so. But don’t worry, I’ll post some scary pictures next time.

If you’re wondering, this is where I’ll soon be living (white roof, black car in front, big “A” pin to make it obvious).

Shit man that neighborhood looks so homogeneous

hahah i scroll a little north and there are cars all over the road with what looks like a street fight forming

That “street fight” is a church, I guess they took the picture when services were about to start, or had just ended. If you go Northeast (following the street that’s diagonal to the others), you’ll see a street market, too. I wonder if google ever takes night pictures of places…

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