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Wolf’s Beers: Erdinger

Posted on: August 9, 2009

So, I decided to help Teroo out with putting more beer in this excessively gourmet place. I’ll start with a classic: Erdinger Weißbier.

Erdinger Weißbier

Erdinger Weißbier

Erdinger needs no introduction, but for those of you who don’t know beer, it is the German Weißbier (wheat beer). Wheat beers are ales, meaning they’re stronger than your usual lager (such as Bud, as Teroo pointed out). One thing special about Weißbiers is serving them in that nifty special glass.

Serving a Weißbier

First, you tilt the glass...

Serving a Weißbier part 2

...fill it carefully, to avoid foaming...

(in this case, the glass was a bit dirty and it really screwed up the process…)


And twist the bottle before you finish.

Twisting the bottle mixes the yeast with the foam, making it richer and tastier. It sounds complicated, but even a robot can do it.

Final Presentation

Final Presentation

This beer is an opaque gold color, with a rich foam (which I completely screwed with that dirty glass), and a fruity flavor because of its special yeast. It has very little hop flavor, and no bitter aftertaste. Being the beer that sets the standard for other Weißbiers, it is obligatory for anyone who wishes to discover the world of special beers. Next time: Brazilian beers (popular or special? who knows)!


2 Responses to "Wolf’s Beers: Erdinger"

Does that Erdinger glass come free when you buy a bottle of Erdinger or what? There’s a place here that serves all their Erdingers in that kind of glass.

I got that glass at a pub, for triple the price of an Erdinger. Also there are some Erdinger kits that I often find at supermarkets here, with two Erdingers (one Weiss and one other) and a glass, but I’m not sure it’s the same glass. And it’s expensive as hell…

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