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Lunch Omakase @ Kaiho Sushi

Posted on: August 14, 2009

A good omakase lunch at Kaiho Sushi. Last time I had a preset “omakase” from his menu so this time around I’m going for the true omakase as decided by chef Bernard.


Left is potato salad with crabstick.

Right is alfafa sprouts topped with shaved bonito.


Two raw oysters with mentaiko


Sashimi platter, from left to right: katsuo, scallop, shima-aji, otoro.

The scallop was damn huge and very fresh and sweet!





Buri kama shioyaki (Salt-grilled yellowtail cheek)

Fucking delicious and tender!


Ise-ebi and shiitake tempura.

Kinda rare to get lobster tempura.


Sushi platter, from left to right: tai, sake toro, aji


Ume jelly.

Ume is Japanese plum and the taste of the jelly is sour and like plum wine.


Ended off with yuzu ice-cream but I forgot to take a photo of it.


4 Responses to "Lunch Omakase @ Kaiho Sushi"

the whole thing looks good, but you’re right, that scallop is completely absurd

ume jelly is new to me, this post has educated me! a good post

Yeah it was amazingly fresh and sweet as well! Quite an unbelievable taste I have to say.

Everything looks so good. The jello looks kinda boring though compared to the rest of your lunch.

Yeah but it’s pretty rare jello 😛

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