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The omakase strikes back!

Posted on: September 11, 2009

Just had another awesome omakase at the Standing Sushi Bar.

1st course: Chuka hotate (scallop wings)

Loved this appetizer cos I love scallops!


2nd course: Sashimi platter of hamachi, maguro, sake, mekajiki, hotate

That’s yellowtail, tuna, salmon, swordfish and scallop


3rd course: Mushroom and ginger

Not a big fan of mushroom and ginger but they were pleasant to eat


4th course: Eggplant age with mentai mayo sauce

Very nice this one, loved the batter and the sauce!


5th course: Grilled saba with grated radish

The radish complemented the saba nicely, which was boneless too!


6th course: Gyu yakiniku (grilled beef)

Best course of the omakase, loved the beef cos it’s so tender and yummy!


7th course: Sushi trio

Tuna, salmon, hamachi


A la carte: Tamago sushi and aburi sake toro sushi

Oh man I love the tamago and aburi sake toro so much!!


8th course: Miso soup with salmon

The fish oil from the salmon really made this soup so much richer!


9th course: Matcha green tea ice-cream

Natural green tea taste, with a tiny bitter tea aftertaste


All in all, a wonderful omakase dinner that made me extremely full!


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