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Return of the omakase!

Posted on: September 19, 2009

I went for a more powerful omakase dinner at the Standing Sushi Bar this time round!

1st course: Vermicelli with spicy sesame oil dressing

I thought this was chuuka kurage (jellyfish) at first since this dressing is usually used with jellyfish for an appetizer.


2nd course: Sashimi moriawase

Lovely plate of fresh sashimi. There’s mekajiki, sake, maguro, hamachi and hotate. with a dollop of uni. And a bowl of aji (I think) topped with grated radish and bonito flakes. Very nice indeed!


3rd course: Fish meat patty topped with grilled cheese

This is like a burger patty but made with salmon and tuna meat ground together and then steamed. This makes it really juicy and tender. Then it is topped with grilled cheese – the combination is damn nice!


4th course: Yakitori stuffed with fish paste

Damn delicious! Succulent grilled chicken chunks stuffed with tasty fish paste. Great to throw the whole thing in your mouth and chomp on it 😀


5th course: Hamachi kama shioyaki

Tender white flesh that almost melts in your mouth. This is the collar of the hamachi and it is grilled with salt.


6th course: Buta no kakuni

This is a dish that took chef Roy a lot of time and preparation to make. It is basically an old traditional recipe for braised pork belly. It comes in a huge chunk of meat and fat but yet the fat is solid enough and tastes amazing.

It is done by first simmering the pork belly cubes until the bad oils come out, then simmering it again in porridge so that the rice grains absorb more oils out and infused their rice taste into the fats, and finally the pork cubes are braised yet again in the special home-made sauce. This whole process took about 14 hours.


7th course: Grilled kurama ebi with mentai mayo

Mmm grilled tiger prawn tastes fresh and firm with the nice mentai mayo to top it off.


8th course: Sushi

Aburi hotate and salmon belly is like the best sushi to put into my mouth. It simply melts and tastes so so good. But of course not forgetting the delectable anago sushi! This is only like the 5th time I’m having anago and it’s really nice. Miso soup was also served with the sushi.


9th course: Sponge cake and yuzu ice-cream

Imported from Japan, the sponge cake and ice-cream were.


2 Responses to "Return of the omakase!"

alkanphel, how much was this omakase? I’m quite particular about my omakase and will request for no meat.

It was $80. You definitely have to call up in advance because the chefs put a lot of preparation into some of the dishes, like the fish meat patty and the buta no kakuni.

But they are awesome people and will definitely be able to whip up a no-meat omakase if you give them enough notice in advance. 😀

Just to note that they might not have the same spread of the rarer fishes for sashimi/sushi like Tatsuya or Nogawa. The SSB cooks whatever they have in an interesting way each time.

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