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The “Experience” @ The BLU

Posted on: October 6, 2009

For my birthday I went to have my dinner at the BLU which is located on the 24th floor of the Shangri-la Hotel. They gave me a table with a pretty good view!



The set which I had selected was the special “Experience” degustation menu. This was a 6 course menu that was decided by the chef. In this case, the chef was Kevin Cherkas who was nice enough to come out and talk to us at the table about our likes and dislikes.

From there he would customize a personal menu just for you, with some dishes from the existing a la carte menu and some of his own new creations not on the menu yet.

There was 2 kinds of complimentary bread together with some kind of cream cheese.


1st course: Foie Cracker

I don’t really remember much about this except it was really nice appetizer because I always like foie gras 😀

It was a small stick of grilled foie gras between 2 crackers that melted away in my mouth. The little red things embedded in the crackers are red peppercorns which provided a nice zing to the appetizer.


2nd course: Lobster “Thermidor”

This is chef Cherkas’s take on the classic Lobster Thermidor. It’s nothing like the real Lobster Thermidor but instead it is a combination of roasted Canadian lobster, lobster bisque foam and reduction, with mushrooms, tarragon and some parmesan.

The lobster pieces were fresh and lovely and the lobster bisque foam was so strong of lobster taste, it was like having an ephemeral lobster bisque.


3rd course: The Egg Came 1st

Cheeky little course, but very nice indeed though simple. It’s basically an egg poached first then pan-seared. Served with onion broth, bread crumbs and black truffle.

I was instructed to eat each bite with a little bit of everything in 1 spoon and the combination of tastes was sublime. I liked how the egg felt like it was cooked in 2 different ways, and the onion broth masked the raw yolk taste.


4th course: Monkfish Bouillabaisse

This is a deconstructed bouillabaisse with monkfish as the central actor. The flesh was firm yet tasty. The baby crayfish tails and croutons added variety to the dish as well as the tomato-base sauce. All in all, not the strongest dish in the menu but still decent enough.


5th course: Beef Mustard

Not sure what this dish was given that name as there wasn’t any mustard. But this was the pièce de résistance for me because it was a perfectly medium done wagyu steak.

Beautiful tenderness and that subtle seared taste. It was accompanied by some very nice potato wedges, spicy chocolate sauce, popcorn and corn bits. Really really nice, I wish I could eat it 50 times over again.


6th course: Lemon vs Lemon

At the start, chef Cherkas recommended this dessert as a way to end the dinner on a refreshing point. Boy was he right! This was basically lemon sorbets topped with lemon meringues on a base of fine lemon crumble dust. Great way to cleanse your palate at the end of the meal.


Petit fours: Blossom Tree

This is something interesting – it is a plastic tree with strawberry floss puffs stuck on the branche. There were some chocolate leaves at the base where there was also edible “soil” made from dark chocolate. Definitely not your normal petit fours!


And lastly they gave me a complimentary cake for my birthday!


All in all, this was a really a great “experience” that I had at BLU 😀


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