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Lunch at Cugini

Posted on: October 9, 2009

There is this little Italian place called Cugini located at 87 Club Street which was highly recommended for its pasta so I decided to go and give it a try.

It was definitely the right choice because the pasta was amazing. Not surprised since it was made by 2 Italians called Mauro and Gerri.


I had penne alla carbonara, which was simply superb. The best carbonara pasta I have ever eaten. The sauce was so tasty that I licked it off my spoon and penee is the right choice of pasta because the sauce gets inside the hollow area and it’s great to burst out when you put it in your mouth.

The sauce itself was special, possibly because of the pepper and herbs. And it was topped of by some imported Italian bacon known as guanciale, which is the cured pork cheek. It’s even better than pancetta when fried!


and also a  Cugini Special pizza

Fresh tomatoes, mozzeralla, tomino cheese, rocket and guanciale made up this pizza. Completely different from the pizzas that I was used to from Pizza Hut and the like. This one taste real good, because of the dough and the tomatoes and the cheese. Simple ingredients but powerful combination!



3 Responses to "Lunch at Cugini"

MMMMM! What’s the prices like? If you still recall :]

Carbonara was 18.90 and the pizza was 22.90 🙂

[…] be told, for the same cost I’d rather eat at places like Cugini or Pasta Brava because I seem to prefer the more rustic style for Italian food. And if I were to […]

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