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Tuesday’s Awesome Omakase!

Posted on: October 21, 2009

Aperitif: Yuzu umeshu

This is an umeshu on the rocks that includes the juice of the yuzu fruit, which makes it more sour and have a dash of bitterness. Quite refreshing actually.


1st course: Salmon head soft bone

These slivers of soft bone are the cartilaginous bones behind the eyes of the salmon. High in collagen and crunchy to boot!


2nd course: Beef tataki with Kyoto salad and crispy salmon skin

The beef slices were done very nicely, the seared edges providing taste to the texture of the raw part. The salad was quite tasty and seasoned with what I think is olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The crispy salmon skin also added a nice crunch to the salad.


3rd: course Sashimi moriawase

From left to right: Ikura, mirugai, sake toro, hamachi, maguro, mekajiki, hotate.

Have to say that the hotate was really sweet and this was the first time I ate mirugai! (Otherwise known as geoduck)


4th course: Hokkaido uni with nori sheets

Simple dish but one that was really nice. You basically just put some uni on a sheet on nori, roll it up and pop it into your mouth.

The combination of different textures (soft uni and crunchy nori) worked really well, and the double “sea” taste complemented each other to make you feel you’re really eating a dish of the sea.


5th course: Madai saikyo yaki

Madai is known as the true tai (red sea bream). The madai for this dish was marinated in saikyo sauce for 5 days and then grilled.

This is a very traditional preparation and I must say the dish is amazing. The meat is firm and doesn’t fall apart at all but yet it is soft and succulent in the mouth, without becoming hard to chew like overcooked fish.


6th course: Pan-seared foie gras with French loaf

This was really the pièce de résistance of the omakase for me. The foie gras was seared perfectly and the taste was fantastic. Unlike some kinds of foie gras, this was not too bitter or overwhelming at all. Subtle yet flavourful, I ate a bit, dabbed the bread in the oils and repeated. Delicious!


7th course: Asari butter yaki

These are asari clams sautéed in butter. You scoop up a bit of broth with the shell and suck up the clam with it. The broth really made the dish and there were quite a number of clams to go through.


8th course: Sushi trio with 2 futomaki

Like before, I love aburi sake toro and hotate because they taste amazing when lightly blowtorched. Anago is also better than unagi and I noticed most people break up the anago slab when you should just curl it up around the rice and throw it into your mouth.

The futomaki has unagi inside which is different for the usual ones. But it was really really filling when eaten together with the miso soup. Luckily I saved it for last just in case 😛


9th course: Yuzu ice-cream

My favourite Japanese ice-cream flavour, refreshing way to cleanse the palate at the end!


All in all one pretty awesome omakase, have to really thank chef Roy for the good food!


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