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November omakase

Posted on: November 26, 2009

It’s time for another omakase in the month of November at the Standing Sushi Bar!

Appetizer: Tamago sushi

Love the tamago sushi that Kawa-san makes! Chunky but still light and tasty!


1st course: Ankimo

This is a rare delicacy – monkfish liver – otherwise known as the Japanese “foie gras”. It’s traditionally only available in winter season, which is now so I was lucky.

The texture is so smooth and the taste is subtle yet delicious. There isn’t really any fishy aftertaste at all.


2nd course: Sashimi moriawase

Toro, hamachi, sake, mekajiki, shima-aji, hirame, hotate, ikura


3rd course: Pan-fried fish salad with sesame mustard sauce

Okay I can’t remember exactly what this fish was but chef Roy said it’s not meant for sashimi and is mainly used for cooking.

I do remember he said this was a fish caught up in the colder waters around Japan which makes the taste of the meat much cleaner.

The texture is firm yet breaks apart easily which is really good, and it goes well with the sauce and salad.


4th course: Hokkaido taraba kani yaki with home miso sauce

This is grilled king crab from Hokkaido, and it was my first time eating king crab legs.

It was very fresh and tasty, with lots of meat inside that you really have to dig out. The grilled parts added this crisp edge to the sweet crab meat.


5th course: Beef wrapped enoki topped with avocado sauce

This is really the best dish of the omakase, and it’s also a new creation of chef Roy.

Just imagine tender and fatty slices of beef briefly pan-fried then wrapped around enoki mushrooms, and then grilled.

The enoki provide a juicy crunchy core to the portions and the avocado topping smooths it out.


6th course: Boiled taraba kani soup with soba

Because the legs are boiled in the soup, they become really “juicy” and still so sweet. The soup itself has the shell essence of the king crab and is quite aromatic.

The soba is a higher grade one than normal and it’s meant to be dipped in the soup and eaten with the crab meat.


7th course: Aburi sushi

Aburi toro, aburi sake toro, aburi hotate and aburi anago.

What can I say, it is aburi heaven! 😀 (This time I asked Roy to leave out the futomaki because it would be too filling)


8th course: Yuzu ice-cream

Haha I don’t think i need to say anything about this that I haven’t already said so many times.



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