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Kebabs for dinner!

Posted on: December 3, 2009

This is going to be a bit of a fusion dinner where we’re having chawanmushi with mixed kebabs.

First of all we have to prepare the dashi stock for the chawanmushi.

Then beat the egg and mix it with the dashi stock.

Throw in some marinated chicken chunks and prawns, pour in the egg mixture and top with enoki mushrooms

Preparing for kebabs!

After making them all…

And now we start to cook them on grills, griddles and ovens…

And now the food is done so let’s see what we have; mostly prawns here

Beef cubes, mushrooms and onions

Salmon and prawns

Bacon wrapped chicken and salmon

And now I can eat my chawanmushi

To end off the meal, a sliced momotaro tomato!


3 Responses to "Kebabs for dinner!"


lol I’m preparing your stomach for lunch! 😀

ang mo bu….who ish chiu???

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