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Tokyo 2009: Sushi Dai

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Great and fresh sushi at Tsukiji Market! I woke up super early at 4am to go down to Tsukiji only to find that the trains didn’t start running so early :(

In the end I reached there around just after 5am. There was already a short queue forming outside Sushi Dai but I only had to wait like 30 mins to get in.

Went for the omakase course which was 11 pieces of sushi plus 1 more of my choice.

The counter at Sushi Dai

This is the chef attending to us, I’m sure his face has been snapped in many photos of Sushi Dai eaters around the world. He is a pretty young and nice guy, always smiling.

The chef

The appetizer is a hot chunk of tamago. I actually took a bite out of it before remembering to take a photo :P


1st piece: Otoro

Fatty tuna belly


2nd piece: Shiro maguro

White albacore tuna

Shiro Maguro

3rd piece: Tai

Red snapper


4th piece: Uni gunkan-maki

Sea urchin battleship style sushi

Uni gunkan-maki

5th piece: Akami

Lean tuna


6th piece: Mirugai

Geoduck clam


7th piece: Aji

Horse mackerel


8th piece: Maguro kappa maki

Tuna & cucumber rolls

Maguro maki

9th piece: Shiro ebi

White baby shrimp

Shiro Ebi

10th piece: Sawara

Spanish mackerel


11th piece: Anago

Saltwater eel


12th piece: Otoro

Fatty tuna belly


The smiling sushi chef again :D

The chef

寿司大 (Sushi Dai)
5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku

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