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Omakase for the new year

Posted on: January 21, 2010

The first omakase of 2010 at the Standing Sushi Bar!

1st course: Zensai

Ikura in cucumber cup, lobster wasabi salad, and mixed greens.

2nd course: Hirame uzusukuri

This is flounder sashimi prepared in a traditional style of slicing thinly known as uzusukuri. Came with a ponzu dip which is vinegar with citrus.

3rd course: Stir-fried mebaru

This was the huge rockfish, or “Rocky” as Howard named it, that was laying in the SSB cooler, and Roy prepared it with his special secret sauce. I actually thought the fish was kinki but I was wrong.

The meat was firmer than normal fish but not too dry. It was nice to eat its skin as well together with the flesh.

4th course: Hotate with aburi uni, topped with fried salmon skin

Probably the best dish of the omakase! Combine the succulent scallops with the slightly blow-torched creamy uni and it is pure bliss in the mouth. The small bits of fried salmon skin help to add a surprise texture and taste to it. Bonus creamy avocado at the sides πŸ˜€

5th course: Pan-seared foie gras with beef cubes

Loved the foie gras here and the beef cubes were cooked differently as well, with a delicious and juicy feel to them. however I think there was a fair amount of butter used in this for basting.

6th course: Gyu shabu-shabu

Didn’t expect this dish! I don’t really have to describe what shabu-shabu is as it is quite obvious how it is eaten.

But the beef was a good one from Australia and it was sliced thinly with nice fat marbling as well.

Very yummy and after dipping all the beef in the soup, we put the udon into the soup and eat it from there, enhanced by the beefy taste from the soup.

7th course: Sushi

Engawa, maguro, shima-aji, kanpachi, mekajiki, amaebi

Engawa refers to an exterior hallway on the side of a traditional Japanese house. For flounder, it refers to the thin muscle of the dorsal fin which is located on the sides.

This muscle is very developed compared to the rest of the body and unlike the regular flesh, it has a higher fat content which makes it a delicacy.

It is very soft and chewy and more concentrated in flavor. Usually quite rare as they can only make 2 pieces from each flounder.

8th course: Yuzu ice-cream with strawberry

The usual dessert but this time with a huge strawberry from Japan! It was very nice and juicy!


4 Responses to "Omakase for the new year"

Nice! Your oma is getting better each time! How do I tell Chef Roy I want alkanphel’s oma haha… how much did this cost anyway?

Hehe thanks! I’ll send you an email on that question πŸ™‚

so have you tried Akashi’s omakase yet? i wonder how it measures up πŸ˜‰

Not yet I’m afraid. I hope to go soon!

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