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Italian tasting session at Cacio e Pepe

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Recently I just went for a tasting session at Cacio e Pepe organised by ieatishootipost. The location is a very ulu off-road somewhere in Paya Lebar but it is a surprising find as the food is quite good, as the makan session proved.

Complimentary bread

Italian bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Soaking up the vinegar and oil with the bread yielded a really nice taste.

1st course: Salmone marinarto

Marinated salmon and avocado with mango and passion-fruit sauce. This dish was meant to combine the sweet passion-fruit and sour mango tastes together.

2nd course: Tuscan seafood stew

Strong tomato essence in this soup, with a hint of seafood flavours from all the ingredients cooked in it. I must add that the fish was very soft to the bite.

3rd course: Parma ham & ricotta cheese ravoli with butter sauce

This was a very sinful dish as described by the chef, but it was quite delicious! Ham, cheese and butter, it was like carbonara in ravoli form.

4th course: Smoked buffala mozzarella ravoli with tomato sauce

As much as I liked the previous ravoli dish, I preferred this one even more because of the smoked buffala mozzarella. Combined with the great tomato puree sauce, it’s almost like a deconstructed pizza Margherita.

5th course: Pizza – special chef’s edition

This special chef’s edition pizza was topped with chef Peter’s signature sausage, mushrooms, red peppercorns, buffala mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and arugula.

I have to say this is the first time I’ve tasted red peppercorns in a pizza and it actually went pretty well with the sausage and arugula, although I felt there was a bit too much of it in certain slices.

6th course: Nona Maria’s chocolate tart

This chocolate tart is made from a recipe of the chef’s grandmother, hence “Nona Maria”. They use sugar, almonds and chocolate in it and tastes quite well except it’s quite crumbly and hard to eat 😛

Complimentary dessert: Rum chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream

This is the chef’s minor twist on chocolate lava cake by infusing it with a bit of rum and giving it some body. Random macademia nuts found inside!

Complimentary Italian cured meats and cheese sampling platter

Hand-carried in from Italy. From left to right:

Meats: Pancetta, salami and prosciutto

Cheese: Taleggio, provolone, asiago

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this looks way beyond my level.

ravioli with an i!

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