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French lamb cutlets, done 2 ways

Posted on: February 17, 2010

After watching Gordon Ramsay make French lamb cutlets, I decided to make some with my friend who suggested 2 ways to season lamb cutlets – cumin and mustard.

We bought unprepared lamb cutlets so that we can have a go at turning them into French cutlets.

So now begins the tedious work of “releasing” the bone from the meat.

Basically you cut down the middle on the bone, then fold it around and down the bone. Not as easy as it sounds.

After much work, we uncapped them all. Next time, I think I will just buy the prepared ones 😛

Cumin seasoning with some oregano

Rotisserie mustard seasoning

Line them up on the grilling tray

Put them in the oven and watch them grill! Occasionally flipping them over and basting them with butter.

So this is the grilled mustard lamb cutlets

And the cumin ones

Serve with a side of mashed potatoes, that’s what the cream was for in the first photo. Yum yum!


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