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April Omakase!

Posted on: April 18, 2010

It’s been some time since I got my omakase fix at the Standing Sushi Bar so I trotted down in the middle of a sweltering April to get it! My friend joined me on this one and the photos are taken using his DSLR. Huge difference from my usual photos!!

1st course: Japanese fish cake

A little bit different from the normal fish cake, this one is hand-made using white fish meat and it is much denser in texture than normal fish cake. The taste is richer than normal ones as well.

2nd course: Sashimi moriawase

Maguro, shake, hotate, hamachi, uni, tai, aji (in ginger and ponzu sauce)

3rd course: Ayu shioyaki

This is a seasonal fish for April and a classic in Japanese imagery. Do you remember those small fish skewered through their mouths and then grilled over a fire? Well this is the fish that they are grilling. The meat is exceptionally tender and fresh, but my only regret is that it’s so small and I only got 1 piece 😦

4th course: Asari clams sauteed in butter sauce and garlic

This is a real simple but tasty dish. Clams cooked in a butter sauce with garlic added at the end to enhance the aroma. A bit salty but still addictive enough to finish it off fast!

5th course: Yosenabe

Seafood hotpot comprising of 1 tai fish head, crab-meat, enoki mushrooms, scallops, Hiroshima oysters and a piece of kombu for flavour. This was a very nice dish because the soup is mild at first but as I ate it, the flavours from the ingredients became infused with the soup which became sweeter and more savoury as I got to the end. This is another seasonal dish for April and the tai or sea bream’s flesh was sweet and perfect for the soup.

6th course: Matsusaka beef, yakiniku style

Matsusaka beef again! This time it was cooked to well-done but yet still quite tender! No special preparation for this, just a bit of salt and then grilling it so that I could taste the natural flavour of this amazing beef. I don’t have to say that I polished them all in record time hahaha

7th course: Aburi sushi

Hotate, anago, shake, ika and mekajiki

8th course: Mango and yuzu ice-cream

The mango was from Philippines and especially sweet!


4 Responses to "April Omakase!"

Tell chef roy if he doesn’t start omakase at lunch SSB is going to lose a potentially big customer hahaha.

Hahaha I will pass on your comments! I also want a weekend lunch omakase as well!

Whoa! That much goodies! Must really go!!

Yes you must! Say that I recommended you, hopefully he will give you better yum yums 😀

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