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Bruschetta, eaten in 3 ways

Posted on: April 28, 2010

What to do with a mountain of ciabatta?

Eat it as bruschetta! Traditionally, bruschetta is just grilled Italian bread, topped with a bit of olive oil, then rubbing a mashed garlic clove over it and grinding some salt and pepper.

However there are infinite variations of bruschetta based on the toppings, the most common being the tomato topping. So here are the 3 ways I decided to eat my bruschettas:

#1: Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip

The EVOO gives a fruity taste that contrasts with the acidic balsamic vinegar. It’s addictive in a way and I can’t stop mopping it up with the bread.

#2: Bruchetta topped with jamon iberico ham

Jamon iberico ham is a type of ham that is produced in Spain by the black Iberian pig. It has a smooth taste and a deep flavour that really differentiates it from other types of bacon like prosciutto. The fat also melts away in your mouth and doesn’t have that greasy aftertaste.

#3: Bruschetta with tomato

Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, topped with salt, black pepper and basil. Simple but very good. A clean and refreshing taste.


6 Responses to "Bruschetta, eaten in 3 ways"

LOVELY! Thanks for sharing!

Hope you enjoyed it 😀

I love bruschetta and indeed all simple bread dishes, bravo on another outstanding blog post jingwen

nom nom nom bruschetta ftw

mm bruschetta! I always forget about this one dish whenever I’m trying to think of things to snack on at home.

Yup it’s simple to make and quite healthy :D!

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