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Penne with meatballs & tomato sauce with onion and butter

Posted on: May 11, 2010

First I started with the tomato sauce with onions and butter. This is a classic and simple recipe from Marcella Hazan – just tomatoes, onions and butter. But it tastes so rich and sinfully good!

You will need 2 halves of a large peeled onion.

A can of peeled plum tomatoes.

Combine all with generous chunk of butter. Then we leave it to simmer at a very low heat for a couple of hours, with just the laziest of bubbles popping up every now and then.

Now for the meatballs. First we mash bread with heated milk until you get a mushy bread mix.

Now ingredients for meatballs. Most of the ingredients there are quite obvious, except the green herbs which is parsley.

Mash everything together!

Then shape the mix into meatballs and roll them in breadcrumbs

Brown the breaded outside of the meatballs briefly in pan.

Add tomatoes, lower the heat to simmer and cover the pan for about 20 mins.

Now the meatballs are ready

And the tomato sauce is ready

Altogether now~


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