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Limoni di Amalfi cotti al forno

Posted on: May 15, 2010

For all of that long name, it actually just means something like “Amalfi baked lemons”. This is actually an appetizer that I picked up from watching Jamie Oliver’s Great Italian Escape. He planned to use it for his Italian mentor’s father but the clay oven was too random and spoiled them.

Nonetheless I decided to try them out as an appetizer for my friends because it seems rather easy to make. 1 lemon will serve 2 persons as you just need a lemon halve for each serving. I used a juicer to get rid of the pulp and used the juice to make iced lemon tea, so as not to waste it.

Buffalo mozzarella is the main ‘meat’ of this appetizer. Depending on how much cheese you want to use, 1 ball can be used for 2-4 people.

Now this super-simple dish starts with a wad of mozzarella at the bottom.

Sprinkle basil on it. I was supposed to use a fresh basil leaf but I didn’t have any so the dried stuff was the next best thing.

One anchovy, the kind salted in olive oil.

Half a cherry tomato on that.

Grind some salt and black pepper, then cover with as much mozzarella cheese that won’t fall off.

Bake in oven for about 20 mins, when the mozzarella starts to sizzle and brown.

And there you have it! To eat, just take a spoon and scoop out the whole thing into your mouth in one shot. The resulting combination of tastes are incredible 😀


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