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The omakase with a sea robin

Posted on: May 25, 2010

1st course: Hokkigai sashimi salad

Hokkigai is known as surf clam and it is one of the most identifiable sashimi due to its bright red colouring on one side. It has a clean and crisp texture, moreso than the other shellfish I’ve had for sashimi. The crunchy texture provide a good contrast with the Japanese rocket salad.

2nd course: Sashimi

Toro, shima-aji, hotate, amaebi, tai and hamachi belly

3rd course: Houbou shioyaki

This is the sea robin! Or also known as gurnard fish. If you look closely, you can see what looks like thin spindly legs just below the pectoral fins. People used to think that this was for the fish to walk on the bottom of the sea but it’s actually so that the fish can stir up food.

This particular specimen on my dinner plate is huge, somewhere between 30-40 cm! Salt-grilled and super tender meat; I drool just thinking about eating it again 😀

4th course: Sumiyaki

Sumiyaki refers to the style of charcoal-fired grilled food. This was mostly a mixed platter of various grilled food – mushrooms, beef cubes, tofu, etc. It also came with a nice miso dip. Food grilled over charcoal really has a different taste to normal grilled food. There is more flavour and aroma to it.

5th course: Uni yaki-onigiri ochazuke

This was a unique internal fusion dish that chef Roy came up with. When I say internal fusion, I mean the fusion of different Japanese dishes rather than fusion across cuisines – hence the long and complicated name.

The base was ochazuke, which is rice with green tea soup. Instead of normal rice, he used a lump of grilled rice which is also known as yaki onigiri. This has a nice crunch to it and goes well with the green tea soup taste.

Then it was topped with uni and served with seaweed on the side, so that you can gather some of everything on the seaweed, roll it up and gobble it down. Nice mix of tastes and textures 😀

6th course: Aburi Sushi

Toro, salmon belly, hotate, mekajiki, anago

7th course: Yuzu ice-cream


2 Responses to "The omakase with a sea robin"

The “sea robin” should have been named the “sea terror.”

Hahaha yeah it’s a scary bugger alright! But tastes so good 😀

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