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Would you like Everything with Fries?

Posted on: June 28, 2010

A few days ago I was invited to join in a food tasting session at Everything With Fries’s newly opened outlet at Orchard Central. I’ve always wanted to try out their food since I heard about their name because it was rather interesting – did they really serve everything with fries?

However this outlet is different from their normal restaurants as it is more of a fast-food concept. Its name also reflects that as it is called Everything with Fries Takeout.

So instead of the usual starters and mains, here the menu is geared towards simple meals like the classic burger +fries + drink combo.

This is the minimalistic counter where you make your order to some rather enthusiastic staff.

On one of their walls inside there is a huge chalk menu, which seems to be the rage nowadays among the newer and more hip restaurants.

My order was a lamb burger, sour cream & onion fries, and a coke.

The lamb burger is basically ground lamb marinated in a secret recipe of Middle Eastern spices that they would not divulge to me. It is topped off with garlic cream cheese, tomato concasse and caramelized onions. The buns are made by the restaurant themselves hence they were quite fluffy.

This is one tasty burger, with the spices giving the lamb patty that exotic flavour which really makes it quite different from other burgers. The patty itself is hand-made so it comes out as juicy and tender to the bite.

The sour cream & onion fries taste exactly like that classic flavour of potato chips, which is great but that too much of it tends to make it a bit cloying after you go through more than half of the packet.

A seared fish burger was ordered to share among the few of us. I only had a few bites but it was enough to tell that the seared dory fish inside was done very well and tender.

The only off-point was that I felt the fish was too salty. This saltiness seems to be uneven across the fish though, as some of us didn’t find it salty. But this is definitely something I would order next time to try again.

Nuggets with miso sauce. These tasted exactly like the ones from McDonalds! Although I must admit the miso sauce did not taste like miso at all, but something more unique. I can’t really explain the taste, you’ll have to go down and try it yourself.

Corn cob. I didn’t eat this one, someone else did. Looked like a perfectly normal steamed corn cob to me.

For desserts we had a nutella slice and peanut butter slice. I’m not a big fan of the nutella and peanut butter tastes so I didn’t try them. However the unanimous decision about these desserts was that the the nutella slice was very sweet and both of them were quite “jerlat” after a while.

Overall I think this is a great place to catch a quick bite. The prices and sizes of the food are actually similar to that of MOS Burger. However what they lack in variety, they make up for in good tasting burgers!

Everything with Fries Takeout
181 Orchard Central
Sun – Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri & Sat 11am-11pm


6 Responses to "Would you like Everything with Fries?"

This place seems to be copying Burger Bench & Bar’s concept. Mos Burger is alot cheaper!

I feel there are a lot of these new-age burger outlets popping up recently, like Handburger and Burger Shack also. Haven’t been to Burger Bench & Bar yet tho.

I liked the ButterScotch milkshake and curry fries. I think its a good alternative for the folks at Orchard.

Hmm I didn’t try the butterscotch milkshake but the curry fries were pretty good!

haha the peanut butter slice and nutella slice reminds me of all that fudge that i bought in england. i had some of it yesterday and found myself with toothaches when i brushed my teeth this morning!

Hahaha yah those 2 desserts are very sweet and heavy!

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