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Botak Jones – Damn good food at a damn good price?

Posted on: July 10, 2010

Damn Good Food at a Damn Good Price” – everyone knows that slogan of Botak Jones, the heartlander’s authentic American food! Opened by Bernie Utchenik, Botak Jones was one of the first ‘gourmet’ fast-food concepts to reach out into the heartlands at coffeeshops and deliver quality Western food to us. I have to say it worked out pretty well at that.

Their Orchard Youth Park outlet is part of an open air grouping of several hawker stalls.

Their Cajun chicken is pretty popular because the breast meat is so juicy and tender (despite being breast meat), and the Cajun sauce brings a smoky and aromatic spice taste to it. Of course not to forget that luscious layer of melted cheese on top…aaahh

And let’s not forget their most infamous burger – the U-CRAZY-WHAT! This was originally a joke which eventually stayed on the menu, because they thought you had to be crazy to eat three 135 gram patties on 1 burger!

But Singaporeans are so crazy about food that enough people ordered and ate this until it became one of Botak Jones’s signature dishes! But of course the single patty Botak Burger is pretty good as well.

So if you need your fix of damn good western food at a damn good price, now you know where to go 😀

Botak Jones
Orchard Youth Park
121 Somerset Road
Phone: 6735-0225
Everyday 11:30 am till 10:00 pm (last orders)

11 Responses to "Botak Jones – Damn good food at a damn good price?"

I’m a big fan of their cajun chicken also! Fancy the breast cut remaining so moist despite all the grilling. *smile*

Yah! Totally agree. It’s so juicy and tasty 😀 Actually the breast meat at Nando’s is pretty good also!

Looks yummy. Only tried Botak Jones once many years back, before I started blogging. Wonder if they are different now…

Haha I’d say eating at Botak Jones is a guilty pleasure. I really still love their Botak Burger and Cajun Chicken but I think the rest of their dishes have dropped a lot in standard.

Definitely not a good thing to visit food blogs at this hour! Ur photos are making me hungry! I’m even beginning to think if I should head to botak jones at clementi tmr! Haha

Hahaha so did you go to Botak Jones in the end?

haha no la in the end didnt cuz one of my friends was nursing a sore throat

I smiled when I read the name Botak 🙂

gonna try the one at amk soon … heard so much about it and yet i hv not tried … haha

Haha I’ve never been to AMK one, only Clementi and Orchard outlets. Hope you enjoy the food!

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