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Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant is a pretty well-known restaurant for Japanese buffet aficionados, who consider this to be one of the better places for having Japanese buffet.

It is different from the usual Japanese buffet restaurant as it is an a la carte buffet restaurant where you sit at the table and keep ordering like the food is free.

Overall I felt the sashimi was pretty good but the rest of the food was just average only, not worth returning again for it. They also gave lots of complimentary soups, no doubt to fill up my stomach before I can order everything!

The interior, small and cozy with 2 sushi bar areas.

Complimentary salmon sashimi appetizer (tasty)

Chawanmushi (not bad, smooth texture)

Complimentary dobinmushi (almost tasteless)

Ebi tempura (not very nice)

Complimentary nabemono (so-so)

Potato croquettes (nice)

Saba and salmon shioyaki (quite yummy and smooth)

Sashimi (best dish lol)

Agedashi tofu (didn’t eat this)

Shishamo (ok but not crispy enough)

Yakitori (not bad but a bit tough)

Tebasaki (ok)

California maki (average)

Tamago sushi (nice)

Bacon wrapped crabsticks (bacon makes anything good)

Cheese filled fishcake (so-so)

Pumpkin tempura (hate pumpkin)

Salmon chazuke (tasty but number of salmon pieces was utterly pathetic)

Cha soba (boring)

Tori and ton katsu (dry, tough and tasteless)

Yakisoba (tasty but not done in Japanese style, more like Singaporean)

Overall, I’ll never come back to Ikoi again. It really failed to live up to its hype. Amusingly most of the reviews on HGW all comment on the fresh sashimi, which I agree with, but don’t mention the rest of the food. Well luckily it was a treat for my aunt’s birthday!

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Tel: +65 6887 3788


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Hehe registered already 😀

Yeah, Ikoi is mostly only good for sashimi. Decent tori karaage too, but that’s about it.

Yeah the shioyaki was decent too but the rest other than sashimi was a letdown. Honjin’s buffet is maybe even better.

I like Ikoi’s ambitious attempt to offer such a large menu as an a la carte buffet. But I agree with both of you – sashimi is nice, the rest is filler.

Yup which is ironic cos normally buffet restaurants tend to skimp on the freshness of their sashimi!

So happy to read your post! =) A friend was just raving about Ikoi the other day about their sashimi, but I guess it’s not worth the price…

Haha yeah it’s not really worth the money imo, but at least your friend wasn’t lying about the sashimi!

How much is the buffet per person? I read alot of reviews abt this place. Now tt i read yours and do more in depth goggling.. I realised there is alot of bad reviews on this place. Now I have cancel it from my list of to go buffet ha. thanks

It cost $33++. Hope you find another good Jap buffet place!

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