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Ba Zhang

Posted on: September 9, 2010

Ba zhang (肉粽), also known as zong zi (粽子), is a type of traditional Chinese food made with glutinous rice stuff with meat and other fillings then wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed.

This is usually made and eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, somewhere in early June. The legend goes that the famous poet Quan Yu drowned himself in a river in grief at his kingdom’s invasion. These ba zhang were made to throw into the river so that the fish would not feed on the poet’s body.

As you can tell from the dates, this is a pretty backlogged entry hahaha! But the show must go on! Starting with minced meat filling.

Bamboo leaves are soaked in preparation.

Slice up some shiitake mushrooms.

Glistening globes of salted duck yolks.

Of course the main filling – rice!

Some hebi hiam, our extra ingredient.

Larger pieces of braised pork.

Now we have to stir-fry the rice.

Once all that is done and prepared, we can start to assemble the ba zhang. You can see some extra ingredients like dried shrimp and water chestnuts.

Sadly I didn’t take photos of the wrapping process because it was quite troublesome, but the end product are these pyramidal ba zhangs, getting ready to be steamed.

And this is the final product! I love eating ba zhang because you’ll never know what you get in each scoop of the spoon. maybe a piece of duck yolk, some dried shrimp or a fatty chunk of pork. A delightful mystery! 😀


4 Responses to "Ba Zhang"

yum i love bak zhang! i signed my mum up for a rice dumpling making course, but we can’t make them at home cos we don’t have a pressure cooker or a pot large enough to steam the dumplings. any idea where pork mesentry used in teochew sang teng zhang can be found in singapore?

Oh but I’m sure you should have some wide pots or even a wok? Can you make smaller dumplings and them steam them batch by batch 😀

And I’m sorry to say I’m not sure where to find that pork mesentry 😦

looks darn good. is this hokkein zhang? they look perfectly wrapped and I love the photos 🙂

Thanks! I’m glad you love the photos 😀 And yup this is more like the hokkien zhang even though I’m Cantonese hahaha

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