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[Melaka] Restoran Nancy’s Kitchen

Posted on: September 27, 2010

Nancy’s Kitchen is a pretty famous Peranakan restaurant that is located in one of the alleys branching out from the middle of Jonker Street. Even Singaporeans visiting Melaka know about Nancy’s Kitchen to get their Nyonya fix.

The exterior has this classic Nyonya house look to it

Not to be out-matched, the interior is also quite old-fashioned, like you just stepped into a restaurant from the 80s. Seating is rather limited but they do have an upstairs dining room as well. The overall atmosphere is quaint and there is a feeling of serenity, especially if you just came in from the blazing sun outside.

First up I ordered one of my favourite dishes, the egg fuyong! From the photo you can already tell it tastes delicious but when I tasted something extra in the egg, I realised that they must have mixed-up the order because it was actually the cincalok omelette. Nonetheless, it was very tasty with the fermented shrimp adding a subtle dimension to the omelette.

This is assam babi, which is pork in tamarind sauce. Nothing is better than biting into a crunchy piece of fatty pork but the sweet and sour tartness of the tamarind sauce really gives the dish the extra oomph!

And of course my favourite Nyonya dish – bakwan kepiting! I really love this soup as I always order it at Ivins but I must say that Nancy’s version of it is really quite different, but in a good way.

The soup is more savoury, the meatballs contain more than just meat and crab, and the bowl itself is chockful of other ingredients! There’s even an eggroll inside! Definitely a very different but tasty version of bakwan kepiting.

Here’s a peek into their inner chamber, lots of Nyonya goodies packed and ready for take-away!

Restoran Nancy’s Kitchen
[Update 2016: They have since moved, please click on the link at the top for their homepage]


18 Responses to "[Melaka] Restoran Nancy’s Kitchen"

I looooove this place.
I hope you had got some of their kuehs.
They are deliciously good 🙂

Oh I did not try their kuehs! But I will next time when I visit again cos their food is so yummy 😀

now i know the name of the restaurant! i’ve been there too, a few year ago. i had different dishes but they were delicious, all the same!

Oh your parents must have brought you here right? I think majority of the families that visit Melaka will come here to eat lol 😀

Ah I always visit Nyonya Suan instead! Never been here. Will drop by and try when I’m in Malacca. 🙂

Oh I think I’ve seen this Nyonya Suan in other people’s blogs also! But I always thought that Nancy’s Kitchen was one of the most famous ones. Even President Nathan ate here!!

btw Nancy and Nyonya Suan im torn.. hahah
both i like but i guess i prefer the smiley lady boss at Nyonya Suan..

Hmm maybe I should try Nyonya Suan next time I’m in Melaka!

Hi, love your blog on good makan places in Malacca. Just wondering if you or anyone reading this comment could point me to the famous satay stall which serves it’s satay with sauces made with thin slices of pineapple. This stall used to be the far end of Jonker Street.

thinkin of goin up melaka this long weekend, you have any good suggestions?

Hmm besides the places that I blogged about, you can also try these 2 other places:

I’ve been to them in my previous trip up but didn’t blog about it.

thanks! will try to get some good photos back from the trip 🙂

just got back from melaka and had a great time!

unfortunately we went too late to nancy’s, and all the satay celup stalls were closed 😦

nevertheless, we managed to get to chung wah and boy, those balls were to die for! chicken rice wise, i mean

and we found a great doughnut shop in the megamall too!

will post soon with pics, and video (yes, very amateurishly taken)

Sounds like you had some great eats! Look forward to reading your blog posts on your Malacca makan trip 😀

It looks very interesting meals you show. I will come there to try in the future.

[…] The food was great. We were sad that we didn’t have any more days to go back because there were so many other things on the menu that looked so good. This guy totally disagrees with my assessment of the place, but he […]

Actually want to having lunch at Nancy Kitchen @ Junkle Street, but we dunno they are already moved, so difficult to have a car park here and we all all hungry so we decided to give siew tin’s a try, by the way the siew tin’s foods is suck, disappointed tried. those miss universe probably having taste buds problem, try at your own risk

It’s a shame to hear that about the other restaurant. I should probably update the address to reflect the move.

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