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Broiled parmesan tomatoes

Posted on: September 30, 2010

Here’s a really simple and quick appetizer I whipped up, using tomatoes, chopped garlic a bit of parsley, black pepper and salt.

Cover generously with lots of parmesan cheese.

Put in oven and heat it until the cheese has melted and browned.

However as you can see, I clearly did not put enough cheese on top! Maybe if I triple the amount next time…


9 Responses to "Broiled parmesan tomatoes"

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nice. you can add diced bacon bits too. it will be phenomenal. 🙂

Oh that’s a good idea! I will try that next time 😀

yup bacon will give it a nice crispy texture … nice photos though .. wish i have yr photography skills 🙂

Thanks! Hehe I’m always looking to improve my photos as well! Your photos are nice too, maybe just need to do some white balancing.

Thanks but I only hAve a compact cam … Quite limited but at least can take some decent pics

Nowadays the modern compact cameras are damn powerful, you can consider upgrading someday 😀

Great Italian classic! Alternatively, for a more southern Italian and lighter version, my mother used to just put breadcrumbs and olive oil on top. Let the breadcrumbs form the crust iun the ovenm, then you can either add an anchovy (before cooking), or a leaf of basil when serving.

Thanks! That’s an interesting alternative to try out the next time I’m making this 😀

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