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Momofuku Pork Belly Buns

Posted on: November 25, 2010

These pork belly buns here are what my friends love to call “kong bak paos” when I try to describe it to them, only for them to tell me that it’s nothing like kong bak pao when they finally try it.

This time I was making them not just for eating but for my friends at CaKe Photography to try out some food photography on them as well!

The recipe I followed is a slight variation of David Chang’s infamous Momofuku Pork Belly Buns. However I’d say this is just a version 1.0 and I’m still refining the technique each time I make this dish.

I started off by brining a thick slab of pork belly in a 50/50 sugar-salt solution, leaving it overnight in the refrigerator. I wanted to add a bouquet garni to the brine but I didn’t have the herbs on hand so I just threw in some dried shredded herbs which sadly didn’t do anything for the final taste.

The next day, I took it out, rinsed it and placed in an oven pan which was filled with some chicken stock.

Covered it with aluminium foil and left it to cook at a low temperature for about 3 long hours.

After those 3 long hours, I know it’s time because the whole house will be filled with the glorious smell of roasted pork! I removed the foil cover and cranked up the temperature to high so as to brown the surface, basting it occasionally.

After about 30 mins of doing that, I let it cool down for an hour before cramming it into a container to put into the  refrigerator so that the meat would harden up.

Here it is the next day, still with some white fats stuck on it.

The refrigeration made it much easier to get nice and clean cuts of pork belly.

Stowed them away for transportation to the studio!

Next I steamed up the buns.

And prepared some lettuce.

And here are some of the photos that we took!

At this point we were practically drooling as we took the shots and our willpower finally snapped, so we just stopped shooting and instead proceeded to finish off the rest of the pork belly buns hahaha!

8 Responses to "Momofuku Pork Belly Buns"

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OH MAN! This looks crazily delicious! Looking at these glorious pork buns at 7am doesn’t help one bit! 😦

Hahaha yes it’s my evil plan to make you hungry in the early morning 😀 And yeah it’s as delicious as it looks hehehe

Oh ur kong ba bao looks good! Ur kongba is different from the ones we usually had at Chinese restaurants, theirs are further cooked with lor. Urs look more healthy! Haha

Thanks Maureen! Yah it is quite different but I didn’t think of it because I hardly eat kong bak pao hahaha

these look really good! *drools*

Yah damn delicious hehe, I feel like eating them again when I look at the photos!

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