The Dirty Stall

Crab Risotto

Posted on: December 5, 2010

Mr Crab…we meet again. Prepare to die!

Mr Crab, dead and disemboweled.

Then I dissected Mr Crab up so that he would fit in the pot.

Then cook him in boiling water and dig out all that sweet yummy crabmeat.

The risotto was made just like the time I made my seared scallops risotto, except that I used the crab shells to make some crab stock in place of the chicken stock. Top off with some more crab meat and it is ready to be devoured! 😀


14 Responses to "Crab Risotto"

Oh man just look at the crab… hungry…

Hahaha 😀 Go and find some risotto to eat? 😀

ohh poor mr crab! 😦 but sacrifices have to me made to get that yummy crab meat!

i wonder what its like to kill a crab… ;p

Yes mr crab was sacrificed for the greater good of our stomachs!

It’s tricky, scary and fun to kill a crab hahaha, you should try it someday 😀

do have any tips on how to kill and deshell crabs? (:

the crab looks cute :X

Hehe too bad it had to be eaten 😛

Oh my oh my.. The last photo of the crab risotto looks so tempting! I cant take my eyes of it!

Yah I know, when I was processing it I wanted to eat some crab risotto so badly 😦

Hmm.. looks yummmyy! was there any reason why you didn’t choose to toss the crab meat along with the risotto?

Oh actually I did! Just didn’t mention it haha. If you look closely at the last photo, you can see strands of crabmeat in the risotto 😀

How did you killed the crab?

Stabbed it in the abdomen with a chopstick, opened the bottom up, then chopped it into 2 with a big cleaver!

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