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Gnocchi alla salsiccia

Posted on: December 26, 2010

Being inspired by reading Foodie-ah’s gnocchi alla salsiccia recipe, I decided to make something similar for my own lunch.

Because I wanted to have a go at making the gnocchi by hand, I made the rest of the cooking as simple as possible.

Of course the main ingredient to go with the gnocchi would be some Italian sausages!

I started by boiling potatoes, then pulling off their skins while still hot.

Then I ‘pureed’ them using a potato masher.

Using a large surface that I dusted with some flour, I mixed in an equal weight of generic flour, although not all at once because not all potatoes take in the same amount of flour. Once the mixture was soft and smooth but just a little bit sticky, I stopped adding flour.

Although some people add eggs to the mixture as it makes the dough easier to handle, this would result in tougher and less fluffy gnocchis. The best gnocchis are the ones that let you feel like you’re eating clouds 😀

So I simply roll the dough into a thick sausage shape then cut off pieces about 2-3cm long each. After that, I roll off each piece on the tines of a fork to create grooves that will hold the sauce better.

Then I dropped them off into a pot of boiling salted water. In about half a minute or less, they rose to the surface where I just scooped them off to drain.

Next, just roughly chopped some onions for the sauce.

Remove the the sausages from their casings and break them up.

Then I simply saute the onions first and then add in the sausages once the onions have gone translucent.

Lacking the time to make a proper tomato sauce, I just used cherry tomatoes on the vine and threw them into the pan.

Poured in a splash of white wine as well and then reduced it all down.

Finally when the sauce is ready, I added in the gnocchi and tossed them to coat well, then serve to eat!


6 Responses to "Gnocchi alla salsiccia"

Another crazily delicious meal! Are your Italian sausages spicy? Where did you get them from? I’m mad about sausages lately.

Yup they’re spicy. I got mine from Cold Storage, they have fresh Italian spicy sausages. Although next time I try this, I might check out the specialty butchers like Hubers to see if they stock Italian sausages.

I have tried quite a few italian sausages but I have to say I love the ones from cold storage. You might want to try steaming your potatoes, they take on less water and you will need to use less flour. Also, try a potato ricer….more efficient way of mashing your potatoes.

I love gnocchi!!

Seriously, i’ve been wanting to make them for years now. My New Year resolution next week is to make these babies. I LOVE GNOCCHI!! (esp those that have been pan fried!)

Hehe yes make them! They’re so yummy 😀 I’m gonna try to pan-fry them next time too!

[…] After making them from scratch, I decided this time to use some store-bought ones to compare with, so I got these from Rustichella. […]

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