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Nagomi Redux

Posted on: December 31, 2010

This is my 2nd time eating at Nagomi and it’s still as good as the 1st time I visited them a year back. Very good for small intimate dinners or gatherings, and for those who want that authentic Japanese feel for their dining place.


Potato salad and fried salmon chunks. Simple but tasty!

1st course: Tofu salad

Same tofu salad I had the last time, still as delicious. One of the rare places where the salad dressing is tasty enough for me to eat the salad! And the tofu is really nice too, another aberration for me haha!

2nd course: Oysters

I read about these giant oysters on another blog and was pleasantly surprised when the chef served them. Very juicy and succulent, a taste of the sea!

3rd course: Sashimi

Nice fresh and juicy portions of sashimi. The scallop was really large and sweet!

4th course: Karei no nitsuke

This is flatfish, simmered in a soya sauce, mirin and sake based soup. The flesh of the flatfish was so delicate and soft, it came off the bone effortlessly.

5th course: Sanma no Shioyaki

Right after the karei came the sanma, also known as mackerel pike. Long and thin, its skin was grilled to a salty crisp but the meat inside was still tender and delicious.

6th course: Wagyu Teppanyaki

Same dish that I got the last time here, but probably because I asked for it again this time. Same sentiments as well, I love some good ol’ grilled wagyu slices 😀

7th course: Tori Zosui

The chef was going to give me some rice dish when I quickly told him to serve me this as I loved it the last time also. A hearty dish to warm up the stomach.

Dessert: Yuzu Sorbet

End of dinner cleanser. Refreshing!

Nagomi Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#02-22 Cuppage Plaza
T: 6732 4300
Open: Mon – Sat 6pm – 12am


14 Responses to "Nagomi Redux"

Lookin’ good but both your omakase looks the same haha.

And to add. I think you should try other places for omakase!

Hehe yah it was mostly the same, but I did ask for some of the same stuff actually 😛 And yeah I’m aiming to try omakase at Nogawa or Tatsuya in 2011 hehe

Hehe, I hate salad too. But i’ll never say no to tofu 😉

For some reason tofu doesn’t appeal to me but Nagomi’s one was quite alright for my palate!

Totally second what you said about the salad dressing! Delish 🙂

looks very delicious.

A Happy New Year to you!

Thanks and have a happy new year too!

this looks delish! happy new year to you!

Yah it was a delicious meal 😀 And happy new year to you also!


do we need to make reservations?
How much does the meal cost? its a set meal?

Happy 2011!

Yes reservations are highly recommended! It’s an omakase meal but certain dishes can be asked for if you know in advance like in my case, and the cost starts at $70+ usually.

Wow $70, an expensive meal!


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