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Singapura Seafood Restaurant

Posted on: January 8, 2011

Singapura Seafood Restaurant is one of those old school Chinese restaurants still around in Singapore, and they specialise in Foochow cuisine. They’ve also been said to be the first ones in Singapore to introduce cold crab here.

At the bottom landing area, you will see a wall pasted with tons of celebrity photos, such as Fann Wong, Anthony Bourdain and even SM Goh! And after climbing up the stairs, you come into a restaurant that seems to be stuck in the 80s.

The decor and furniture of the restaurant seriously reminds me of all those places I had to go for weddings, the same metal round-backed chairs which were present in all of them.

Ironically instead of ordering cold crab, I ordered the black pepper crab, which was decidedly average. I still prefer the ones at Chin Huat.

The har cheong kai was pretty decent, quite crispy and full of the prawn flavour. Nice and meaty as well.

The prawn rolls are supposed to be another one of their specialties. These are fresh and juicy prawns, wrapped in pig’s caul and then deep fried.

The crispy skin complements the crunchy prawns inside, and the flavours of the savoury skin goes well with the natural sweetness of the prawns.

Their deep fried tofu is not a dish I tried but it seems to be interestingly prepared, with a layer on the skin that is fried but not too deeply.

Honey pork ribs are quite unique, I’ve never tasted anything like them before. Despite their name, I felt that the honey aspect didn’t come through but instead the taste of the cloves and five-spice powder were stronger. The meat was still chewy but it fell off the bone regularly, which made for easy eating.

Foochow noodles was something like Hokkien mee but with a thick brown gravy instead, infused strongly with the flavours of the seafood that came with it. Very delicious but too bad we only got a small bowl each once it was divided up.

Singapura Seafood Restaurant
Blk 9 Selegie Road
#01-31 Selegie House
Tel: 6336 3255


5 Responses to "Singapura Seafood Restaurant"

Those prawns and ribs look sooooo good. Very delish! Nice post

Thanks! They were delicious to eat too 😀

this looks so tempting!

Haha the prawn rolls are definitely worth visiting for!

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