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Rotolo di zucca e ricotta

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Rotolo is a sort of rolled and stuffed pasta dish, not unlike the Chinese chee cheong fun we have at dim sum restaurants, but on a much larger scale. It takes a lot more effort than the normal pasta dish but I think eating it afterwards is worth the effort.

The main ingredient here is the butternut squash.

And of course you need to deskin it first. For some reason the juice of the squash stuck to my fingers and made it a bit itchy so if you ever handle this, you might want to wear gloves.

Chop chop

Grinding a spice mix of coriander seeds, fennel seeds, and chilli flakes

Rub the butternut squash chunks with some olive oil then dust them with the spice mix

Roasted them for about 30 mins in a oven with temperature at 220°C

Next I sauteed the spinach with olive oil, garlic and oregano, then finished it off with some butter at the end.

Then I had to make the pasta dough for the rotolo. It’s just a standard egg pasta dough which is made by mixing flour and eggs.

Then the butternut squash is lined up first, followed by the spinach, which is topped off with the ricotta cheese.

Then roll up the towel and tie up both ends

Lower the rotolo into boiling hot salted water, then bring down the heat to a simmer. Leave there for about 30 mins.

Then take it out and unroll it. Looks like my finger that’s been in the water for too long!

Slice it into portions and grate some parmigiano on top of it and it’s ready to be served!


6 Responses to "Rotolo di zucca e ricotta"

Very interesting dish! Do you have the proportion of the ingredients? And as for the spinach did u actually chopped it finely or something cos from the photos it seems like shredded or …… Thanks 🙂

Oh yes I do:

1/2 butternut squash
800gm spinach
150gm ricotta
1 tsp of coriander and fennel
Chilli flakes is up to you, or 1/2 dried red chilli

I can’t remember about the spinach though, but I think it was chopped up.

You’ll also need to make about 450gm of fresh pasta dough but you’ll have to agar-agar with the size of your towel so you might have leftover dough.

Ok Ok thanks for the prompt reply 🙂 the spinach hor is Chinese type of western type. Sorry i am very dumb with western ingredients de.

It’s the western kind. Actually I managed to find the same recipe I used from Jamie Oliver online:

This makes me want this AND ravioli, which I haven’t made in ages. Love the step-by-step instructions.

Glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t made ravoli before, will probably try making them someday.

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