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Braised oxtail and mushroom tartine

Posted on: July 17, 2011

This is one of Thomas Keller’s easier recipes that doesn’t require a mad amount of preparation and it was a good bet to make it for a simple lunch.

We start off with a bunch of unsuspecting oxtails!

Season with salt & pepper

Place them one by one in a pot of very hot oil

So as to brown them nicely on both sides

Place them on a rack to drain the oil

Now put them back in the pot for some braising action

Into the oven for about 3 hours

And this is pretty much what they look like after all that braising. Looks charred to a crisp but actually the meat falls apart once you tug at it.

Which I did tear out the meat from the bones

Next up is the mushroom tartine. Tartine means open-faced sandwich so a mushroom tartine is just a open mushroom sandwich. (Thanks to ice for correcting me!)

I started working on the mushrooms with butter, until they were starting to brown. Seasoned them with some pepper and salt.

Next I added in onions and thyme and continued to saute them together

Combine the mushroom tartine with the braised oxtail meat

Heat it up and mix them up together well to work together their flavours

Prepare a loaf of bread, like a ciabatta, and toast it

And that’s all there is to it, just scoop a generous portion of the braised oxtail and mushroom tartine onto the bread and that’s lunch!

7 Responses to "Braised oxtail and mushroom tartine"

Tartine just means open-faced sandwich. Mushroom tartine means a mushroom open-faced sandwich.

I must be blind before but this is the 1st time I notice the watermark on your photos. Nice font! and size. Very big haha.

Ooh ok thanks for the correction, I shall edit my post. And yeah I always watermark my photos but I guess this time I used a slightly larger font size haha

whoops, it’s me ice.

when you were braising the oxtail, do you use just water or beef stock?

What kind of camera equipment do you use? How do you achieve such bright white light?

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