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Posted on: October 16, 2011

Ise is one of the new entrants into this year’s Tokyo Michelin guide and it specializes in tempura. It has a pretty plain front and it is helmed by just a chef who is also the owner.

The interior of Ise is also very austere, letting you focus on the chef and your food. He prepares the food only after it’s been ordered, mixing up fresh batter and dusting the ingredients, then frying them in a home-made blend of cotton seed oil.

Even the salt is home-made as well! The vegetables are also sourced by his father from the countryside.

Prawn head & fish spine. Crunchy and salty way to start the meal. Reminds me a lot of the face-hugger from Aliens!

Ebi. Fresh and juicy prawns.

Toumorokoshi. Baby corn.

Renkon. Lotus root.

Ayu. Sweetfish.

Nasu. Eggplant.

Wakasagi. Ice fish; native to Hokkaido and it’s commonly fished when the ice has frozen over lakes and they cut holes to do the fishing.

Hotate with nori. Fat scallop wrapped with seaweed.

Sansai. Mountain vegetables.

Tsukemono. Some pickled vegetables.

Anago. Conger eel.

Kakiage (Hotate & ebi). This is a mixed tempura of baby scallops and small prawns. I can really feel the freshness in the scallops and shrimp, they’re both so succulent.

Asari akamiso soup. Manila clam red miso soup.

Asari. Manila clams.

Yuzu sorbert.

And that’s the end of a minimalist but excellent tempura dinner. The emphasis is really on the quality on the ingredients; you’ll notice the tempura batter is only a very light crust on the food itself, which is the way it should be, and yet there is a discernible flavour from it.

3-29-8 Minami-oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open: 1130-1400, 1730-2200
Tel: 03-3768-0750

9 Responses to "Ise"

The chef looks very young! Haha the portions seem very small leh!

Haha I think he’s about 30+! And yeah the portions are usually quite small but that’s how tempura is done over in Tokyo.

How much is for lunch ?

Lunch is about 800-2500 yen, according to my guide

Hi . Where did you find information about ise . There’s not much information on it . Thanks .

You can check out the Tokyo Michelin guide for 2011

Hey! does this place require reservations?

I’m not sure but I made reservations just to be safe.

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