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Steakhouse Satou Redux

Posted on: November 13, 2011

I just had to visit this steakhouse again since I’m in Tokyo once again. I’ve blogged about the steakhouse in greater detail in a previous post which you can read so I won’t go through the whole thing again.

Once again there was a long queue snaking around it. I didn’t join it the previous time I was here but since I was early this time, I decided to join and buy it as well.

Looking at all the raw slabs and slices of beef in the showcase while waiting in the queue.

And checking out the butchers inside working hard.

They were selling these wagyu minced beef croquettes

Very reasonable price as well.

So I bought one to try, since I don’t really want to fill up my stomach before my actual lunch.

Crispy on the outside but so moist and tender on the inside! And of course delicious! I really really want to buy a box of them just to eat but lunch beckoned as Satou just opened its doors.

Back up at the steakhouse, once again they squeeze in a bunch of chefs into the tiny kitchen.

Appetizer came straight away, a salad.

After making my order, the manager of the steakhouse came over to show me the slab of beef from which he would be cutting out my portion from. Look at the glorious marbling! Oh and somehow he also recognized I was Singaporean and talked to me a bit about their feature in our ST Life a while back.

My steak arrives!

I can only say that it’s like eating meat tofu (well not thaaaat soft). Kinda like nicely grilled fat that still has a beefy taste. Mmmmm…

サトウ吉祥寺店 (Steak House Satou)
1-1-8 Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo


11 Responses to "Steakhouse Satou Redux"

Wow is that an A5 grade Matsuzaka beef? Had something similar in Kobe

Yup it’s a A5 grade Matsuzaka beef. And yeah it looks quite similar to what you had so I think you know the feeling of eating something so delicious 😀

omg. You should ask them to come to SG!

I think eating his beef outside of Japan would be very expensive, could easily triple the price if we ate it in SG

Thanks for this review. I am adding this steakhouse to the list of places I’ll need to visit on a future gourmet trip in Tokyo. Question please: just to have an idea of the cost of what I am looking for -> how much would approximately cost a standard / individual steak of A5 Wagyu Kobe beef there^ Also: when should I go there if I want to avoid those line ups? Do some of their staff speak in English. Thanks for your replies.

Going for a chef’s recommendation would cost you about 10,000 yen. The pricing might change in future, their menu had changed since the last time I went. You’ll probably want to go there at the opening time to avoid queues, so around 11am. Finally most of their staff don’t speak English but they have English menus that you can order from.

Wow! That is really some marbling, the steak looks so soft. Yum

Hehe yeah, the steaks were really soft!

You revisited quite a few places this time round. Jiro will definitely be the first on my itinerary haha.

Hehe yeah if I can get a booking at Jiro I will also definitely go there on my next trip 😀

Thanks Alkanphel

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