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Sushi Dai Redux

Posted on: November 15, 2011

A visit to Tokyo isn’t complete without a visit to Tsukiji as well. Even though I’ve been here before, this time I wanted to explore the Tsukiji Inner Market so I was looking for a place to have sushi there with a short queue.

Originally I planned to try out another place besides Sushi Dai but this time when I reached, the other shops had queues and Sushi Dai didn’t have one! So I guess it was Sushi Dai yet again – which isn’t a bad thing anyway.

And I’m sitting at the exact same place I sat the last time I was here, being served by the same chef.

They keep most of the shellfish on this side of the chiller.

The same appetizer, a warm chunk of tamago. This time I remembered to snap a photo of it before I ate it!


Shiro maguro


Uni gunkan-maki

Akami maguro



Shiro ebi


Maguro kappa maki



Finishing off with a nice bowl of aka-miso soup, lots of little fish meat bits inside.

And here’s their ala-carte menu for reference

寿司大 (Sushi Dai)
5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku


4 Responses to "Sushi Dai Redux"

That otoro, tai and aji sushi all need to be in my mouth now! :O

Sitting at the exact same place, being served by the same “signature” chef hahaha & eating the same sushi, well almost the same, but your photos are much better taken this time. 🙂

Hehe yah it felt like deja vu! Probably I’ll try like Sushi Bun next time.

What would you say are the major difference between a place like Sushi Dai Vs Sushi Saito? And, in your view, does that difference justifies the prive variation between the 2 places? Last questions: how far from downtown Tokyo is Saito? And how much was this meal at Sushi Dai?

Hi Madeleine, the major difference would be in the quality of literally every aspect, from the rice to the fish to the seasoning, and even the ambiance. I feel the price difference is justified, however this is really a personal feeling and depends on how much you can appreciate the differences in sushi.

But of course although you’ll be paying something like 10x the price of Sushi Dai, you won’t getting 10x the quality, that’s just impossible. If you think the price is too steep, I would recommend lunch at Saito, it’s much cheaper than dinner.

I’m not sure what you would consider as downtown Tokyo because Saito is in the middle of Tokyo, on the edge of Roppongi. The meal at Sushi Dai cost about 3650 yen.

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