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A simple beef stew

Posted on: November 19, 2011

This is just a very simple beef stew that I decided to cook for dinner because I was randomly craving for it. If I’m not wrong these are probably beef cheek and shin cuts.

No time to make my own beef stock so I used a store-bought one

Cutting up the usual carrots and potatoes that go into beef stews

I browned the sides of the shin cubes quickly, didn’t bother with the cheeks

Throw in the onions and shin parts first cos they’re smaller

Now I can layer the large slabs of cheek over them

And finally top it all off with the carrots and potatoes

Now just bring it to the boil first…

And let it reduce for a couple of hours…

Until I get a simple beef stew!


2 Responses to "A simple beef stew"

At last you are back to cooking! Been waiting for a long time for this! Looks good, can you deliver to Yishun? LOL =P Jking.

3 noob questions:
– where did yo buy the beef stock from?
– How many kg of beef to 500g of stock?
– Wun cooking the beef for so long make it hard

Thank you!

Haha thanks! Actually I cooked this quite a long time back, now can finally post it after finishing my Tokyo entries.

And to answer your questions,

1. I bought the beef stock from Huber’s Butchery in Dempsey. However I think Cold Storage sells Campbells beef stock. In a pinch you can use chicken stock or even plain water instead.

2. 1 kg of beef is enough, either chuck/brisket/shin those kind

3. Cooking the beef for long is actually to make tough cuts of beef like the ones I mentioned in #2 tender through the breakdown of the tough connective tissue in the meat into soft collagen and finally into gelatin.

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