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Restaurant Cocotte

Posted on: April 28, 2012

On the fringe of Little India lies an unlikely boutique hotel known as Wanderlust whose ground floor is occupied by Cocotte, a small French restaurant that promotes communal dining with their rustic French cuisine.

Named for the French term referring to those small heatproof dishes, the menu of Cocotte is very traditionally French so you’ll see items like tripe and classics like sole meuniere. I decided to order their signature dishes as a first try.

All over the interior you can see touches of retro mixed with modern influences.

The menu on a clipboard, a common trend nowadays in cafes and bistros here.

Small details like the checkered napkin and red utensils holder add a bit of French flair.

Semi-open kitchen visible from inside the restaurant

Bread service was the classic baguette, albeit mini sized

Starting with an appetizer of escargot gougeres, these are gruyere puffs stuffed with snails, parsley cream and tomato coulis. It is a rather unique way to have escargot, and a tasty bite-sized way at that too.

Next was their main dish, a pretty popular one at Cocotte – the poulet roti, or roast chicken. It’s 1 whole chicken, organic and hormone-free, which is then slowly marinated for 2 days and finally roasted with fresh herb butter.

It is rather expensive and only available for dinner, but damn it is really one tender chicken! It is probably one of the best roast chickens I’ve ever had, one of the rare times you can say that the chicken meat can “melt in your mouth”.

It is a somewhat small chicken though, so I really wish there was more of it for me to eat 😦

Overall definitely a place to return to just for their fantastic roast chicken, although I’ve also heard pretty good things about their roast pork collar from my friends.

2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494
Lunch: Mon-Sat 1200-1430; Sun 1200-1500
Dinner: Mon-Thu 1830-2230; Fri-Sat 1830-2300
Phone: 6298 1188


4 Responses to "Restaurant Cocotte"

Wow I liked those escargot gougeres! If you’re going again, try their beef tripe and Roast Pork Collar :)…..

Haha yeah I heard much about the pork collar but you know everything talks more about the chicken so I had to try that first 😀

Have heard so much about this place!

Yes do give it a try! It’s quite expensive though, I have to admit.

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