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Pizzeria Mozza

Posted on: August 26, 2012

Opened alongside Osteria Mozza at the end of 2010, Pizzeria Mozza is one of the two signature restaurants that the celebrity chef Mario Batali was courted by MBS to set up operations in the Shoppes.

It has a windowless concept, probably for that pizzeria feel.

And the tables inside are rather tightly spaced together so it can feel somewhat cramped.

They like to present their cutlery in these brown envelopes.

And this is the little starter that they always give, I believe they are Parmesan chips, and they are insanely addictive. It goes well with their other antipasti as well.

Started with some prosciutto de Parma, I really liked the flavour of the ham, could actually taste the sweetness and it wasn’t overly salty.

Ordered garlic bread to go with the prosciutto, got monster sized bread instead. But okay, it was not too bad actually!

This is calamari al forno with fagoli and oregano. Probably one of my favourite squid dishes, and I know it’s a favourite for some of my other foodie friends too! The char-grilled taste gives it a nice savory edge and it’s coupled with the delicious sauce which you can mop up with the fagoli.

The Mozza caprese is probably the favourite dish out of everything at Mozza. Creamy burrata, punchy pesto and oven roasted fresh tomatoes that burst with juice when you bite into them. This is their version of insalata caprese and it’s  fantastic!

Burrata, slow roasted tomatoes and Sicilian oregano. Didn’t really like this pizza because of the overpowering Sicilian oregano taste which didn’t gel with my tastebuds.

Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio and thyme. Now this is the one pizza I keep returning to Mozza for, and the staff even say it’s their favourite pizza! The combination of grilled wild mushrooms, two types of melting cheese and an accent of thyme is to die for.

However there is a caveat – this pizza gets extremely salty if you eat too much so it’s best shared with friends. Sometimes we even order 2 plates of this pizza instead!

Pizzeria Mozza
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Tel: 6688-8522
Daily: Noon – 11pm


7 Responses to "Pizzeria Mozza"

been wanting to try – but was afraid it’ll be the normal shitty pizzas. this looks super good! crossing my fingers for a ricotta with anything pizza!!

2nd review I seen on this restaurant. How are the prices? worthwhile?

Prices are a bit expensive but I think worth it for what you’re getting.

Everything looks delicious! How I would love to visit the place one of these days, hopefully 🙂

i never got around to trying mozza lol. their gelato sounds good too!

Haha yeah up to now you still haven’t visited Mozza! Do give it a try when you’re back again on vacation 😀

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