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Nagomi III

Posted on: December 30, 2012

This is the 3rd time I’ve been to Nagomi and the food is still as good. I’m not gonna say that much about Nagomi as you can read my previous two posts here and here, so this will mainly be a simple post.


Another shot of the interior.


Some pickled fish and seaweed appetizer.


Fat juicy oysters again! Goes well with lemon juice and ponzu sauce.


Sashimi platter – the uni was exceptionally fresh and sweet. The chef explained that it was because this batch came in seawater instead of the usual box.


Some deep sea fish, expertly tempura’ed. Crispy on the outside, meltingly soft on the inside, delicious with some salt dipping. Probably my favorite dish of the night!


As this was the winter season in Japan, most of the seasonal stuff he brought in was from Hokkaido, including this buri or winter amberjack.

Prepared in the nitsuke style, the fattiness of the fish kept it mostly soft and tender enough, although some parts were still dry and chewy.


One giant scallop, grilled with cheese and mentaiko. Scallops was nice and fresh, and the mentaiko was mild enough to add flavour without too much heat. But after a while, it did get somewhat jerlat but lucky that was almost when I finished it.


This time the beef was more chewy than usual, might ask him to substitute with grilled chicken next time to give that a try.


Tarabagani zosui, or king crab porridge, was something different from the usual tori zosui, because of the seasonal produce from Hokkaido.


As always, yuzu sorbet is a great way to finish the dinner feeling refreshed!


This omakase was the best so far at Nagomi for me in 3 visits, must be because of the winter seasonal menu!

Nagomi Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#02-22 Cuppage Plaza
T: 6732 4300
Open: Mon – Sat 6pm – 12am


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