The Dirty Stall


Posted on: March 18, 2013

For Restaurant Week last year, I visited Forlino at One Fullerton for lunch with fellow food bloggers CrunchyBottoms and yumyumformytumtum, as well as another friend Issie.


Considering it’s been a year since I ate at Forlino, I can’t say I remember much about the details on the meal except that it was all generally good, for the price, which was probably lowered for Restaurant Week.

Mystery cheese shavings. Would have preferred something a bit stronger as this was too mild, especially when eaten with the bread.


We were not impressed with the bread service, a bit too touch and chewy for our liking.


Tagliolini with spanner crab, sweet peas and tarragon cream. Probably my favourite dish of the whole RW lunch menu. The flavours of the crab were infused robustly into the sauce but it did get a bit jerlat as the portion was too much.


Crispy duck confit with Vin Santo sauce. Not impressed with this dish, too salty and I’ve had better, like at La Petit Cuisine or The Black Sheep Cafe.


Mediterranean seabass fillet with braised artichoke and apricot sauce. I wasn’t the one who had this but I was informed that it was actually pretty good, probably better than my duck confit.


Amaretti and dark chocolate pudding, vanilla and wild berries compote. Decent but nothing special. The flavours didn’t exactly wow me as a dessert should so it was quite forgettable.


Most of us didn’t even finish this as it was all dough and that’s not really what you’d want to eat at the end of a multicourse meal.


And a cup of mint tea to end off the lunch.


Truth be told, for the same cost I’d rather eat at places like Cugini or Pasta Brava because I seem to prefer the more rustic style for Italian food. And if I were to pay more, I’d just top up even more and go for a much better place.



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