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Prawn Noodles

Posted on: April 26, 2013

Since young, prawn noodles has always been one of my favourite dishes, with the prawn noodles near Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre being the prawn noodles of my childhood’s memory.

Of course now that I’m older and having sampled a lot more different prawn noodles out there, there’s definitely many variations in the way it’s cooked.

Having accumulated so many prawn heads and shells in the freezer compartment that the plastic bag could no longer fit inside, I decided to try cooking my own prawn noodles using the shells for the stock.

There are a plethora of recipes out there on cooking prawn noodles but I picked this one because it seemed closest to how I imagined the recipe should be, mostly from hearsay. Along with some on-the-fly modifications, of course.

First, gotta brown those pork ribs nicely.

Then the real star of the show, frying all those prawn shells!

I was frying batch by batch…

…but at one point, my wok was nearly full of prawn shells.

After frying all those batches, throw in all the shells and the pork ribs into a stock pot.

Add 5 cups of water (or more if needed), and all the seasonings (ikan bilis, peppercorns, salt, etc)

Simmer for a few hours, until it tastes to desired.


6 Responses to "Prawn Noodles"

wow, ZAI!!!

Hahaha no lah, not that hard to do, just lots of effort to keep the shells and fry them. You’ll be surprised how close it is to the prawn noodles outside. Only thing is I didn’t use lard.

Its the effort required. The cleaning part esp after frying your prawn shells is gg to be tedious =)

By the way, is there a need to blanch the pork rib before frying?

Sorry being critical. From the picture the pork rib not so fresh.Why add fish cake?. Did you use pork lard. Not enough shallot. Tuay guay a little over cook.
I hope you are not offended.
I love prawn mee.

Oh no I’m not offended. I cooked the prawn noodle for myself after all, not for you.

FoodieFC: Blanching the pork ribs is just to get minimise the ‘scum’ later when you simmer them for the stock.

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