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Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Posted on: May 5, 2013

This small and cosy 18-seater Japanese eatery has been steadily gaining a reputation for having one of the longest reservation lists for a place of its size.

I didn’t think much of it until I actually tried to make a reservation for dinner on the Christmas week in 2012…only to end up getting a slot for yesterday, 4 months later, which of course I took!

The other thing that draws people to Teppei is the fact that their omakase sets, which go for $40, $50, & $60, are extremely value-for-money, going by the variety and number of courses.

Chef Yamashita Teppei is quite the jovial person, and judging by all the blog posts on Teppei out there, I’d say that he probably changes at least 50% of dishes each time you go, with seasonal variations too.

On my visit, I went straight for the $60 omakase and got 19 courses, if you count every single different item as 1 course each.

Some of the interesting dishes I had was the toro hand roll with tempura crisps inside, Japanese goose barnacles, Japanese ice plant, and the stir-fried wagyu slices. But there were also others that I didn’t particularly fancy.

Overall I’d say that Teppei is indeed value-for money, with a nice enough variation in dishes so you probably won’t get bored trying this place a few times.

Definitely give Teppei a try if you want something different, and if you like the experience, be sure to make your reservation for the next visit at the end of the meal because you’ll probably have to wait another 3-4 months to return.


6 Responses to "Teppei Japanese Restaurant"

First blog post that is not one year overdue haha. Hmm but the food don’t look as if it’s worth the 4 month wait…

Yeah it’s not worth the 4 month wait but then again, at least you don’t have to queue up outside for 4 months hahaha.

But I think it’s definitely not worth it if you have to organise a gathering here and spend lots of time and effort to coordinate packed schedules on a day 4 months later. Most people I know can barely confirm on a dinner appointment for the next week or two -_-

If you’re going alone or with a partner then it’s not so bad, just pick any date in advance and go on that day like a normal dinner lor haha (which is what I did).

how much did you go for ($40/50/60)?

I went for the $60 one, so that I can evaluate if it’s worth coming again haha. I think the main differences are in the sashimi and wagyu beef.

Hee thanks! I want to visit one day!

Its just next to Ramen Keisuke Tori King right? When I walk past the last time I noticed that it was not full. I am wondering if I can just walk in (any idea?)

I think you can walk-in during the day but they only sure lunch sets and ala carte dishes. At night I think a walk-in is impossible but you can try your luck in case someone cancelled last minute.

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