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Yamatake Shoten

Posted on: June 4, 2013

If you’ve read my previous post, this was the place that I was intending to hit for dinner – Yamatake Shoten. Yamatake is a beef farmer and also a restaurant, much like Steakhouse Satou in Kichijoji, so similarly here we get to enjoy delicious Hida beef at relatively cheap prices!


Yamatake doesn’t exactly have the best ambiance in terms of furnishings, but there’s something old-school and rustic in that small-town sense.




Here in their meat chiller, you get to pick the slab of beef that you want to have for dinner and you pay by the weight, ¥1480 per 100g, with a minimum of 200g per person.


You can also buy additional sides like prawns, sausages, etc.


You also enjoy a free-flow of vegetables to eat or grill, like cabbage and eggplant.


In the dining area, you have the Western style tables


And Japanese style tables


And here you can see the 4 main styles that Yamatake provides: charcoal BBQ (steak/yakiniku) and hotpot (shabu-shabu/sukiyaki)


I picked a nice juicy slab of beef!


And it was to be cooked in their signature charcoal BBQ style (ok I don’t know what’s so signature about this since everyone does it too)





I can only say that it exceeded expectations, better than most of the beef I’ve eaten in Singapore. Of course I’m sure some of the top steakhouses in SG can deliver a better steak but not at the same price.

For the record though, I felt it was still too fatty and I preferred the steak I had at Satou. But still, I wanted more…



This procession of shoving grilled beef slices into my mouth finally ended with a plate of really ripe and sweet strawberries, the likes of which prompted me to buy more strawberries during my travels but none came close to how sweet these were!


But the best part was….these strawberries were free! The owner served them to me, saying it was on the house and as a “service”. What a man!

山武商店 (Yamatake Shoten)
1-70 Sowa-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu
Tel: 0577-34-3208


5 Responses to "Yamatake Shoten"

wa drooling at the close up view of the beef.

By the way, I noticed that at the side you are BBQing cabbage too? Did not know cabbage can be bbq. does it taste nice?

I was drooling when the smell of BBQ beef hit me haha! Yeah I was BBQing cabbage but it was my first time so I just tried to BBQ everything lol

I guess grilling it just gave it a bit of charred and smoky flavour, nothing really special.

my friend received a fair share of complimentary food at restaurants as ‘service’ in tokyo too!

i guess they’re really nice to tourists 🙂

Yeah they really are! Not just this place, but other places as well. Though this place really sticks in my head for now, because of how awesome those strawberries were hahaha!

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