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Yamasan Sushi

Posted on: June 20, 2013

In the city of Kanazawa, Omicho Market is their main gastronomic market with almost 200 stores selling all sorts of foodstuff like seafood, Kaga vegetables, dried and pickled ingredients, etc.


There really is quite a lot of stuff, considering how near Kanazawa is to the coast.


Those photos were actually taken the next morning. On the actual day I got there, I arrived late in the evening and one of the few places that was still open was Yamasan Sushi.


No idea why that chef has that constipated look on his face…


And this is what Yamasan Sushi is most well-known for – their Kaisen Don! Probably the prettiest presentation for a seafood rice bowl I’ve had, and the sashimi on it is pretty good to boot too! For the sheer variety, quality and price, the value of this Kaisen Don is really one of the best around.


Notice the gold flakes on the ikura, that’s something of a trademark for food in Kanazawa, which is also the gold leaf central of Japan. These gold leaf flakes are like the discards from the gold leaf factories, since they cut out squares so the ragged edges are used for these.

They also have this Tokujo Nigiri Sushi set which is surprisingly more expensive than the above Kaisen Don. Not sure why they priced it higher since there’s less variety and quantity of ingredients.


Highly recommended if you’re in Kanazawa, since I think if you’re there, you’ll most likely visit Omicho Market and so you can also visit Yamasan Sushi for breakfast or lunch.

山さん寿司 (Yamasan Sushi)


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