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Otome Sushi

Posted on: July 3, 2013

In Kanazawa, there are a few sushi restaurants renown for their quality. One of the top names is Komatsu Yasuke but unfortunately it wasn’t open on the day that I would be there so I tried another place that had pretty good reviews – Otome Sushi.


As you can see, it’s pretty hard to find, located in a mini back alley behind a open-air carpark.


But it’s like stepping from an urban world into a secret pocket of peacefulness.


It’s quite a small sushi bar, maybe 12 seats at the counter and 1 table for 4.





All the fresh seafood of the day, waiting to be turned into sushi!


Arranged oh so neatly.


This is the head chef of Otome Sushi.


This is one of his assistants, perhaps the maiden? (In case you’re wondering, Otome Sushi means Maiden Sushi)


One of his other assistants, a bespectacled guy.


Gari to accompany the meal.


Ika (squid), finely scored.


Ama-ebi (sweet prawn)


Ara (Grouper/garoupa)


Otoro (Fatty tuna belly)


Uni (Sea urchin roe)


Manjugai (‘Longevity’ clam, a local specialty)


Unagi (Eel)


Negitoro temaki (Tuna belly and green onion handroll)


Tamago-yaki (Omelette)


Miso soup


It was a great lunch meal of sushi, and what really hit me was the freshness of the neta. This is probably the wrong word to describe them, but each piece of sushi felt juicy, and filled up my mouth with flavour. Completely satisfying!

乙女寿司 (Otome Sushi)


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