The Dirty Stall

Yamamoto Menzou

Posted on: July 10, 2013

Singaporeans are not the only ones who queue up like crazy for good food. In Northern Higashiyama of Kyoto, the udon shop Yamamoto Menzou makes both locals and tourists alike queue up like crazy.


Here’s the queue just after it opened and yes they usually start queuing even before it opens.


This lady comes out regularly to check the number of patrons and do a pre-order.


If you’re not local they have English menus for you to look through.


As the queue gets longer, it begins to double back on itself, taking up the other side of the street.


After about an hour or so of waiting, I finally got in! It’s a real small place, with a counter that seats about 6-8 people, and 2 tables which seat a total of 8.


I ordered the tempura chicken breast udon, recommended as one of their signature dishes. Pretty much the bet chicken breasts I’ve eaten so far.

Juicy, moist, tender, and a hundred other adjectives could be used to describe my enjoyment at eating them but the best is to just go here and eat it for yourself.


The udon noodles are also really really long, so they give you a noodle cutter to snip it off each time you pull out a length of udon for eating.


And of course the udon noodles. I’m not a real fan of udon because I usually find them too fat and filling but these were great!

They felt slightly slimmer than the usual udon noodles and more springy, with a very satisfying bite to them.


Together with the excellent tempura chicken breasts, this was a lunch worth waiting for!

山元麺蔵 (Yamamoto Menzo)
34 Okazaki Minami-gosho-machi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Open: Mon-Tue, Fri-Sun 1100-1945, Wed 1100-1430
Closed: Thurs & 4th Wed of the month


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