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Posted on: July 17, 2013

This post on Shuhaku isn’t even going to be a proper review, for 2 reasons:

  • the food, while decent, didn’t really tickle my tastebuds so I don’t remember it that well.
  • the chef didn’t speak a shred of English and the menu he gave me was completely in Japanese too. Some of the food was obvious from sight though, but the cooking method was not so clear.


But why did I go to Shuhaku in the first place? Mainly because I was conned by the good reviews and photos about the place.


In all honesty I cannot think of anything good to say about Shuhaku except that the food was cooked well but I didn’t like it.

Not to mention that the interior was hot & stuffy, made exceptionally worse when they started cooking the rice in a pot over a charcoal fire…indoors! That made it feel like PSI 300 inside and my clothes really stank after that.

But of course this is simply my view of Shuhaku which seems to run counter to the experience of others.


That said,  chef Yoshida of Shuhaku does have some classical French training and you can see his application of it in some of dishes and desserts.


A tempura medley of vegetables, which was decent. The tempura batter was extremely light and crisp.


Some sort of green pea soup with fish which was good but I don’t like green peas so overall didn’t like this.


Sashimi of tai


An interesting amalgamation of salmon, squid and vegetables, with some jelly at the ends.


Octopus, with abalone and abalone jelly. This was probably my favourite dish out of the whole course.


More squid sashimi, quite fresh this.


A gently deep fried fish to be eaten whole, body and bones alike.


Grilled baby bamboo shoot (takenoko)


Grilled unagi and a grilled tomato stuffed with jelly cubes.


Rice dish that my nose and lungs suffered for.


Desserts was interesting because you get to pick 2 dishes out of this lineup, and the fruit bowl.



I went for these 2, some sort of cream wafer and strawberries with vanilla ice-cream.


修伯 (Shuhaku)


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