The Dirty Stall


Posted on: July 25, 2013

Arashiyama is one of the top places to visit if you’re in Kyoto, mainly because it’s a peaceful and serene place, but also because there’s a pretty decent unagi restaurant very near the main station called Hirokawa.


There’s usually a queue so you have to put your name down and take a short walk up and down the main street.


After a while, you get “promoted” in the queue to sit inside, instead of standing around outside.


There’s a very nice garden that surrounds the first level eating area, for you to relax your eyes on as you eat.



I selected the B course and waited for it to arrive.


It started with a half-size koi no arai, basically half-boiled carp sashimi, with a miso-based dipping sauce. It’s kinda similar to tai sashimi but with a stronger texture and taste.


Next, a skewer of kimoyaki, the boiled livers of eels. The liver taste was a bit too strong for my liking.


Then uzaka, the grilled pieces of unagi with sliced cucumbers.


And finally, a medium portion of unajyu. While it was pretty good unagi, probably the likes of which I’ll never find in SG, it still wasn’t as good as the one I had at Tsuruya.

Sauce not as tasty, meat not as ‘fluffy’, and I could still feel some of the fine bones (but just barely).


廣川 (Hirokawa)


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